eLearning App Development Solutions

  • Educational institutions

    Solutions that deliver excellent online experiences, Development Digital Learning Platforms (DLP) and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Corporate users

    Training and certification solutions focused on the need of constant learning and development needs for corporate sector

  • Businesses and startups

    Digital learning solutions to enhance the credentials and performances of businesses and startups

  • Non-profit organisations

    Software that provide ample opportunities for employee training, volunteer engagement, and reduction in training costs

Streamline your eLearning with our eLearning Apps

Knowledge and education are readily available today. Afkkarr enhances digital education through mobile apps by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). We offer specialized mobile eLearning solutions. app solutions for Education and Tutoring industry. Engagement is a two- edged weapon The eLearning sector is both a difficulty and an opportunity. We guarantee that using our solutions will open up new chances for your company. We assist you in overcoming current industry barriers by helping you offer the most interactive and student-friendly solutions. Your tutors will be able to communicate and engage with students and learners more effectively with the help of our tried-and-true methods for developing eLearning apps. Additionally, you will be able to offer more sophisticated and cutting-edge learning techniques, such as remote learning, mobile learning, etc. Overall, this eLearning tool will assist you in efficiently and profitably overseeing the activities of your institute.

Popular eLearning apps we develop

Virtual learning app

Offer personalised tutoring where students can learn with comfort from their home with virtual reality, live streaming, video conferences and audio lessons.

Management of Institution app

Enhance admin ability and make smarter decisions by tracking classroom attendance, student performance and educational payments in real-time

Mobile leaning app

Provide video lessons, audio lessons, eBooks, reference links, etc. through cloud storage to allow accessibility to students and tutors at all times

Video Conferencing app

Connect learners and tutors through live-streaming or offline videos through cloud storage to teach students with ease

Quizzes and Exam app

Evaluate student’s performance by providing online examination or assignments that can be validated through the app

Tutorials for business app

Offer tutorial videos, links and eBooks to augment self study and boost logical reasoning, data interpretation and analytical ability