Our FinTech development suite

Digital wallets

Transfer money digital anywhere, any place to anyone through digital cards, QR codes, etc.

Banking Apps

Enhance the mobility and reduce the operating time between users and banks

Insurance Apps

Avail insurance services on the move by hiring agents, partners and insurance employees with experience

Accounting Apps

Manage transactions that take place on a daily basis and store financial data with secured encryption to manage your assets and liabilities

POS Solutions

Enhanced solutions for retail store chains to increase the performance of point of sale system and reduce the point of failure

Crypto Apps

Transfer, store, send and receive payments through decentralized platform and cryptocurrencies and enhance the privacy and transparency of all operations

Why Build Financial Apps?

Streamlined Operations & Business Processes

Improved customers experiences & enhanced communication

Increased business efficiencies & productivity

Why hiring Afkkarr is a smart choice?

  • We encourage and promote your business to work smoothly by supporting your financial operations to be stored paperless and contribute to being environmentally friendly.

  • You can save a huge amount of operational cost by connecting with customers through mobile app for financial transactions instead of setting up a bank branch.

  • Our financial app development services have the potential to increase your ROI by keeping customers engaged through mobile banking services.

  • We provide features such as in-app calculators that calculates money in hand to foresee investment opportunities that allow your customers to stay smart.

  • We are An Award-Winning Financial App Development Company. We provide free consultation and 24/7 support.

Features of financial apps developed by Afkkarr

On-time alerts and real-time tracking of transactions

Timely insights on financial investments

Analyze spending habits

Provide investment suggestions derived from spending habits

Invoice and billing

Digital recording of transactions and transfers

High level encryption of data stored

Save banking credentials for faster transactions

Easily locate financial service providers

Provide accessibility to transaction history for making smarter decision

  • Instant payment

  • Upload documentations

  • Visibility to transaction history

  • Sign-in/Sign-out/Register

  • Refer and Earn

  • Filter search based on price charged for financial service offered and ratings

  • Connect with customer support via SMS/Audio-calling/Video-calling