Oil and Gas

An Impeccable Mobility Enterprise Suite that Empowers Energy Sector

  • Asset and Material Management

  • Mobile workfoce management

  • Regulatory compliance and SCADA monitoring

  • Fleet and Fuel Management System

  • GPS and GIS intelligent Transport System

Mobile and Cloud-based support for Enterprise mobility for Upstream, Oil-Field Services, and Downstream Operations

Monitoring of multiple wells at once and real-time active rig-count

Inspections, condition monitoring, and assessment of equipment

Save information like casing, tubing, pumps and notes

Get advanced upstream, oil-field services, downstream solutions with the right technological solutions

Afkkarr has a skilled group of programmers and designers who create custom applications to fit the needs of their clients. Establish an environment for your oil and gas activities that places you at the cutting edge of marketing and technology.

Why build an App for Oil and Gas Industry

Increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your supply chain

Access to real-time operability and visibility of tasks performed

Capture onshore and offshore field data in centralized structure

Benefits of apps for oil field professionals

Mobile workforce management

  • 1. Real Time collaboration and communication

  • 2. Procurement, deployment and management of personnels

  • 3. Logging and dispatch

  • 4. Manage productivity of oilfield personnel working outside oil and gas fields

Fleet and fuel management

  • 1. Real-time information of supply chain

  • 2. Lower transportation cost

  • 3. Increase fuel efficiency

  • 4. Inspection and maintenance of equipment

GPS and GIS tracking

  • 1. Track workers and equipment locations

  • 2. Improve safety by providing alerts of dangerous areas

  • 3. Real-time operational intelligence

  • 4. Schedule and plan routes to optimise fuel efficiency