An Exemplary Mobility Enterprise Suite that Empowers Transportation Business

  • Shipping Operations Management with Ease

  • Fleet Management and Tracking

  • Efficient Shipping and timely tracking

Mobile and Cloud-based Shipping and Tracking Management Support

Automation of Repetitive Procedures


Security and Safety

Excellent CMS

One Stop Solution

Regulatory Compliance

To handle the growing issues facing the transportation sector, obtain reliable solutions using the appropriate technical solutions.

Afkkarr has a skilled group of designers and developers who create custom programs to improve the transportation system. Make an ecosystem that provides users with a growing number of ways to plan, order, share, and pay for a variety of transit options.

Why build a Transportation App

Meet growing shipping and transportation demands

Scale in spite of dynamic operational workflow

Generate actionable insights

Benefits of various Types of Transportation apps

On-demand Taxi Apps / Cargo truck Apps

  • 1. Lower customer hassles and costs

  • 2. Timely delivery at desirable cost

  • 3. Eradicate issues like speed, efficiency, and affordability

  • 4. Get directions and destination information

  • 5. Get runtime travel arrangement on fingertips

Fleet Management Apps

  • 1. Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles

  • 2. Analysis and monitoring of distance covered by vehicles

  • 3. Calculation and monitoring of fuel consumption

  • 4. Driver behaviour logs

  • 5. Route optimisation

School Bus/Van Tracking Apps

  • 1. Pickup and drop point details

  • 2. Real-time GPS tracking of route and buses

  • 3. Optimisation of pickup and drop points

  • 4. Enhanced communication among drivers, parents and schools

  • 5. Important announcements on timely basis