How Laundry App Solutions Work?

  • User sends request to Admin

  • Admin forwards request to laundry man

  • Laundry man accepts request and goes to collect clothes

  • Laundry man dry cleans the clothes

  • Laundry man dry cleans the clothes

  • Laundry man dry cleans the clothes

  • Laundry man dry cleans the clothes

Business models for laundry app development solutions

  • On demand In-store Model

    Best suited for entrepreneurs wherein they do not require a dedicated delivery staff since customers drop off their dirty clothes at a laundromat

  • On demand Onsite Model

    Mobile App and Website Development that enable users to order laundry pickup and delivery of clothes at a convenient time and for a reasonable price

  • Laundry Marketplace

    Create a platform like Cleanly where users can connect to different laundry services. This model is suitable for startups that don’t have their own equipment.

Why invest in Laundry App Development Solutions?

Are you unsure about the requirement to expand your laundry and dry cleaning company online? Building an Uber for dry cleaning and laundry is, like most other similar on-demand businesses, an investment that will pay off handsomely in no time. As people's schedules become busier, they demand instant access to everything, including laundry and dry cleaning services. Customers can get their garments professionally washed and ironed by using an on-demand washing program in a smartphone app.

Are you confused whether you need to develop your dry cleaning and laundry business online? Like most other similar on-demand businesses, creating an Uber for dry cleaning and laundry is an investment that will pay off handsomely in no time. People demand fast access to everything, including dry cleaning and laundry services, as their schedules become busier. Customers can use an on-demand washing program on a smartphone app to get their clothes professionally washed and pressed.

Here's why you should hire Afkkarr to develop and provide Laundry App Solutions

We obtain and gather all pre-requisites along with your requirement to process and develop all essential features to enhance end customer satisfaction.

We follow a strategic approach to meet all kinds of user expectations. This strategy includes developing step by step starting with customer order to arranging pickup and delivery.

We customize the laundry app based on your preferences and also the current market trends.

Our laundry app development solutions provide uniform user-interface and user-experience across multiple platforms in mobile application without compromising quality.

Features of laundry apps developed by Afkkarr

The laundry sector is expanding and drawing many entrepreneurs. We offer on-demand laundry app development services for iOS, Android, and cross-platform that increase the revenue of new enterprises, startups, and established companies. The user, delivery driver, and rinser are the parties with an interest in an on-demand laundry and drycleaning service. All three stakeholders are properly considered in the development of our laundry app solutions. With the help of our mobile app development services, we make sure that the operations of your laundry and drycleaning business run more smoothly.

In-app Notifications

Push Notifications

One-touch Ordering and Delivery Request

Map and Calendar Views

Cloud Storage

Real-time Order tracking

Unique Notification System

Payment Dashboard and Order History

Tap easy laundry pick up and drop off request

Conveniently book local laundry services from trusted professionals on-demand

  • One-tap order placement and pickup request

  • Order tracking

  • Sign-in/Sign-up

  • Manage order history

  • Calculation payment price

  • Select laundry services

  • Choose the type of service and add details (material, kind of clothes, detergent preferences, etc

  • Schedule preferred pickup and delivery