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One of the pioneers of Node.js development, Afkkarr has a track record for creating endlessly adaptable and continuous applications. We have extensive experience in the development of Node.js, a Google-based platform that focuses on high-speed and accelerated information exchange, including video and text chat engines, web games, and collaboration tools.

Here are a few features of Node.JS that make it a fantastic framework for launching your application.

The major issue for clients is that their backend is not just slow, but also ugly and difficult to utilize. This is where Afkkarr's skilled node.js developers will be useful. We can give our clients two very different benefits as one of the best Node.js development firms. One is that we assist in creating hybrid apps that are quick to code and function flawlessly, hence cutting down on client wait times. And second, we provide some of the most user-friendly user interfaces for our clients thanks to our design experience and core philosophy that design should influence the fate of the product.

A javascript-based backend system gives you flexibility in terms of scale and design, while ExpressJS is the framework that will perform all the heavy lifting for you if you want to construct a Node.js backend to provide REST API. According to Afkkarr engineers, MongoDB is the greatest and most dependable alternative for data storage and is therefore the most apparent choice.

Above all, the vibrant open source developer community for Node.js/Express JS/MongoDB is home to a large number of qualified engineers. Node.js is constantly being improved by this community, thus regular adjustments and upgrades enable the platform to advance.

Node.JS Development Process @ Afkkarr

Afkkarr has committed its Node.js development on creating client-specific business applications. Our process for developing websites and apps leaves no opportunity for mistakes. Experts oversee the Node.js development, which is then tested before being delivered to the clients.


Filling clients’ and the company’s communication gap


Accomplishing requirements with frequent meetings & PMS


Ensuring flawlessness in project development


Arranging the project to be delivered to the clients


Hassle-free complete client assistance