Pill Reminder

Medication Reminder App Development Solutions

Inventory management for Pharmaceutical chain

Track patient medicinal schedules and remind them for their refills and manage their medicinal record

Better decision making of doctors

Manage appointments scheduled and keep real-time track of pills and medicines taken by patients to provide better care

Logging patient data in hospitals

Manage and personalize treatment for patients by empowering doctors with the ability to monitor pill-taking behavior of patients at all times

Personalized reminder for patients

Set reminders for pills to be taken and schedule doctor appointments according with customized preferences

Unique Pill Reminder Apps developed by Afkkarr

Pharmacy Notifier

When the scheduled pill reminder comes close to the scheduled date for a refill, we automatically notify the closest pharmacy to refill your pills and medicine

Multiple Alert system

Sometimes, just a push notification is not enough, you may miss it. We use a unique cellular system that gives you an automated phone call, backlight and vibrates to remind you of the pill to be taken and schedules made

Enhanced reminder

Even when your device is asleep, our alert system keeps you informed and reminded. If your device is turned off for a set period of time, automatic alerts will be sent to your family and doctor appointed

Why hiring Afkkarr is a smart choice?

  • We develop a simple, yet enhanced user-interface and design with easy navigation, adherence to the purpose and instant touch features.

  • We also provide Doctor advised guidelines on scheduling and managing pill reminders to ease the user’s activity.

  • We develop unique alert system that will always keep users, their family and their appointed Doctor informed of all crucial information and user activity.

  • We enhance the user experience by allowing them to synchronize and mange pill reminders and scheduled appointments of their entire family through their own account in real-time.

  • We remind local pharmacies or e-pharmacies for auto restock of pill stock and also refill your pills and medicines at the right-time without any delay.

Pill reminder app features developed by Afkkarr

Real-time alerts

Real-time tracking of pills in stock for users and pharmacies

High level encryption of patient data stored

Timely insights on doctor’s advice

Digital recording of data regarding time of taking pill

Analyze pill taking behavior

Schedule Doctor appointment

Invoice and billing

Medicine management and pill reminder tracker that helps to take pills on time and safely

  • Sign-up/Sign-in

  • Create customer account

  • Locate pharmacies nearby

  • Upload prescription

  • Scheduling refill

  • Schedule doctor appointments

  • Schedule personalized reminders

  • Find alternatives for prescribed medicines