Our Smart Contract Audit Services


Future-related risks that might arise are addressed. The threat model is often updated, mostly to account for potential hacking entry points.


To ensure perfect security, obtain a comprehensive smart contract security audit. Along with doing static and run-time analyses, we also review the subject of gas optimization.

Automated Security

locating vulnerabilities in the code to guard against security breaches. We perform automated security analysis for Ethereum and other blockchain smart contracts using MythX.

Smart Contract

For teams wishing to introduce blockchain applications, we offer code analysis as part of our smart contract security audit services. Our blockchain professionals take care of any compilation, security, or other problems.

Security Incident

Work together with our experts to develop infrastructure monitoring. Gain the ability to quickly recognize, report, and fix any security attacks.

Blockchain Networks We Support

  • Ethereum

    Most well known network for digital asset transactions and smart contract validation

  • Binance

    Most well known and easy to use network named Binance Smart Chain

  • Cardano

    A highly secure and scalable with proof-of-stake (POS) timestamping

  • Solana

    Efficient in handling thousands of transactions with proof-of-history (POH)system

  • Polygon

    Easy interoperable network reducing network fees

  • Avalanche

    Blazing fast transaction featured with the consensus protocol

  • xDai/Gnosis

    Stable, fast and inexpensive transaction network

  • Fantom

    Lightning fast transactions and negligible network fees

  • Telos

    Highly competent and scalable platform for web 3.0

  • EOS

    Helps in high-speed transaction with zero transaction fees

  • MoonBeam

    Transparent and interoperable for high productivity

  • Near

    Simple, secure and sustainable which uses the multi-chain network to work

  • Optimum

    Highly secure and scalable layer 2 network

  • Chronos

    Capable of perfect and precise geolocating

  • Aurora

    Top encryption with isolated networking

  • XinFin

    Used for tokenization and digitization