Here are some reasons why

  • Because of our incredibly talented staff of developers, Afkkarr is one of the best options for your web design and development firm. For PHP Development, WordPress, Ruby On Rails, Node.js, AngularJS, Python, and Mean Stack, we have specialized teams.

  • Modules for adaptable client involvement.

  • Our experts will comprehend your needs and recommend the platform that is best for your organization based on those needs.

  • We will provide you with a real-time progress report.

  • We value on-time delivery of your website. Sure, we do!

  • A website or web application that has been QA tested and is bug-free.

  • A project manager specifically assigned to your website.

Our Technical Playground as the best
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One of the most reputable and well-known programming languages ever created is PHP. The server-side scripting language PHP is used for creating and developing websites. Excellent PHP developers who work on both the core of PHP and different frameworks are available at Afkkarr.

The frameworks that our geniuses are developing are listed below:dtdrthjgh

  • Laravel

  • CodeIgniter

  • Yii

  • Zend

One of the most reliable programming languages ever used for web development is PHP. Afkkarr is essentially your partner if you decide to use PHP for your website.


Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS). Because of these incredible advantages, WordPress CMS is extensively used by programmers

  • It is extremely easy to work with the CMS.

  • No HTML editing and FTP software is required in the process.

  • The coding is clean and simple, that means there are higher chances of ranking in search engines.

  • You have the control over the content, you don’t have to rely on coders to make changes.

  • There are tons of plugins available in WordPress that will enhance your website.

At Afkkarr, we have a dedicated team passionately working on WordPress and has delivered beautiful websites to our clients. So, if you choose to go with WordPress, Afkkarr is a trusted web designing agency.


Node.js is an open source, cross-platform JavaScript framework that enables the HTML of a website to contain JavaScript scripts. The following are some fantastic advantages of using Node.js:

  • Node.js is a JavaScript, in part. As a result, both the frontend and the backend can use it.

  • It has an open source community, therefore many modules are accessible to make the task easier.

  • Node.js is a fantastic option for quick website creation and development, and it gives your company strong structural websites. Afkkarr has a team of developers ready to design your website who are experts in Node.js.


A.k.a. AngularJS, The Google-maintained front-end web app framework Angular.js is built on JavaScript. The following are the factors that led to the framework's popularity in website design and development:

  • Since observable functions are not required, the codes are cleaner and less likely to include errors.

  • Angular speeds up the entire web design process by directly modifying the page DOM rather than adding HTML codes.

  • There are various approaches to carrying out a specific activity. That implies that the developer can be adaptable in their job, which will ultimately speed up the overall process.

  • Google and a sizable developer community support it.

  • Extended functions include animations, routing, dependency injections, and many more.

Since Afkkarr has worked on numerous AngularJS web development projects, our staff is qualified to comprehend your needs and create an excellent website for your company.

MEAN Stack

An open-source JavaScript software stack called MEAN stack is used to create dynamic webpages and web-based applications. MEAN became well-known for the following reasons in particular.

  • It enables the developer to write JavaScript scripts from the client to the server.

  • Model View Controller architecture is supported by it.

  • Because the MEAN components are open-source, changes are frequent.

  • It has a sizable Node.js library.

Therefore, Afkkarr is emerging as one of the reliable firms for website designing and web based application development, whether it be core PHP or MEAN stack. We have a philosophy of comprehending our clients' needs and recommending the greatest framework for them. For your prospective web design or web-based application projects, you may trust Afkkarr because we have a strong background in each framework and a skilled team.